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I’ve seen them come and watched them go
Over and over again
Now this is the end of it
Your exposed
Your Crushing crayons till they dull up your hand
Same song replaying it again and again
Forget the words
The Promises
That fell through
Wasting away
While your conscience
Is killing you
You were the best & worst
You'll never feel how it hurt
But I guess that’s what I asked for
Replay the voice in my head
Echo through the space that you left
Time goes by, time goes by
Don't even speak
It's in way you look at me
There's no coming back
From the mistakes that you've made
More Drinks
More Drugs
No Sympathy
So a fall-back call is all you'll ever be
And these days
Are blowing by
Making the most of every sleepless night
Still I try
To keep my head on right
Lost in an instance
Im taking back what's mine
Im taking back what's mine
Down this road one to many times
Searching for headway
Caught in the dead space
Whatever tomorrow holds I'll be ok
Whatever tomorrow holds I'll be ok

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