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Is this the last look around?
So many boxes I nearly drown
Vacant walls & empty hallways
I miss her calling in the cold from the driveway
Not sure what to expect
The nights go by and I haven’t sleep
Pack it up all inside my head
If this isn’t the end, then why do I feel it?
400 miles away
So on the tires roll
Embracing the day
This weight of the unknown
Roads and county lines
Friends I left behind
Feels like I’m starting over
I guess it’s in my head
Words we never said
Onward through Oklahoma
Funny how i never cared much for this place
It’s funny how you never cared till I’m away
Passing through our old streets
This is gonna haunt me
The ghosts of summers past
Guess it's what we asked for
Dancing over trap doors
Ready for whatever's next
I'm Home

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