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Everything’s been laid to waste
I’ve been dwelling on the same mistakes
Closing in
Boxing out
Losing touch without a doubt
Running through my blood
Captive in my bones
The consequences I have sewn
They won't bury me alive
Time to let go
Bring the dark to light
The best of Intentions
There’s nowhere left to hide
I can’t break through your conscience walls
I can’t save you but I’m giving my all
This time, when you’ve lost all that you’ve known
You gotta get back on your own
Built up words fall on deaf ears
Grown used to failure caused by fear
You can’t blame a house for its hauntings
You can’t always run from nothing
You can't
Live your life
By shadows
And still expect
To shine
Every lesson that you taught me
Let me remind you that you're not me
I’m breaking every bind that bounds me
Im burning every lasting memory

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