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Treasures - text


And I would wrap
my arms around you
wherever you are
wherever you are
And I'd keep you
as safe as I could
put your heart in a box
and your thoughts in a book

not turn
stay straight
there's so much to relate

Tell me now how long do we have
you've been so very brave
you fought it throughout
now there's just one thing left to do now
have faith in our God
that there's a way out
(A way out)

There's a fork in the road
and I don't know where to turn
I look to the sky and hope to learn

But his words
they were just works of fiction
I wish I never read that book
and I know its such a contradiction
but my dear I'm telling the truth

Take back everything
you should have said
the promises
the promises
now there's nothing
no treasures left
just emptiness
just emptiness

It all came together
only for us to fall apart
I still hear your voice in mine
and I carry your heart in my heart

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