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Follow in line. Don't ask questions! A totalitarian dystopia with all of your wealth just locked away in their machines, just digits on a screen. You say "I'm free," whilst obeying the command of this authoritarian globalist agenda. A totalitarian dystopia with a nail of
propaganda through each eye. "Whilst we whisper that we don't want your excuses, we don't give a fuck about the ills of man. We are selling war and you are buying it, you whores!" Peddlers of destruction: "Why don't you bow down and pay your taxes, slaves? We are selling
war and you are buying it. Just trust us and our death, fear, lies, paper, and fictitious enemies for you to fear! We are selling war and you are buying it, you fictitious cunts! Keep playing your role of the systems bitch. Keep playing your role as the systems bitch,
you little bitch!" Bow down before this disgusting, secretive elite commanding from the shadows with a globalist agenda for enslavement of your life. Conspiring domination through an authoritarian dystopia. There will be no witness to their crimes, war, destruction,
financial suffocation of a species in decline. Instead the sheep will honor this agenda through attractive means of propaganda. They inject distraction. Turn on your poison, compulsively consuming reason. You make me sick, you little piece of shit. Everybody has a price
these days, so wake the fuck up! Your pathetic weak mindedness has gone on for too long. It's clear that ignorance is like a brother to the human race. See through the shit and wake the fuck up. It's clear that ignorance is like a brother to the human race. See through the shit.
You're living in a corporatocracy devastation of the mind to be orchestrated by an unduly influential cabal that is operating sinisterly, insisting upon greed. Whilst the media tells us to: grind, grind, keep funding the bullshit. Dig deep, dig deep. Maim it,
rape it, and leave it to rot. Grind, grind, keep funding this fucking shit! Mindlessly ignorant in bliss. Wake up you system whores, ripping out the nails of propaganda from your eyes. Truth bleeding, seething, gushing from the wound. Blood spray splatters on the masses.
Look! Look at the state of the world! A totalitarian dystopia!

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Totalitarian Dystopia


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