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we had it once not long ago i wasn't sure but now i know what we lost what we gained i was standing at her place i was calling out her name once we're broke we play to win keep it stored behind our eyelids and hide it deep within forget to learn it’s so far away it's only for short while we should play it day by day
click your heels wipe your sweat so much empty space too many loud unwelcome guests and i fell down to my knees i told her she'd be sorry that i'd never let her leave thought she knew thought she'd tell i kept her boxed up in the attic to make sure that she stays well we had it once we'll play it smart ignore the tearing at the edges and the thawing of the heart
we got so old.
what you learned what we named i knew we had it once and i thought you knew the same please come home please stop ripping up my chest i got you motivating blinders leave them on when we undress what is lost we'll retrieve i'll keep you underneath my mattress and i'll never let you breathe now i'm sure now i know i promise you, now i'll never let you go
no i’ll never let you go.

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