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Goodbye bad days
Goodbye heartaches
Bid farewell to wasted afternoons
And pretty soon you'll clear your conscience
Or swim with big fish
Leave the books to gather dust
Turn what's shiny into rust
Something new to hate
Something new to break
Bid farewell to hollow metaphors
And pretty soon you'll find a clean slate
Or make your great escape
Either way what's done is done
Either way what's dead is won
Take your clothes off
And lets go get lost
If they don't see us then it doesn't count, without a doubt
I'm in a tailspin
In the shallow end
We'll keep running while we can
We'll keep breathing while we...
No more feeling sad
No more days in bed
Bid farewell to nodding patiently
And suddenly you'll stay a waitress,
I'll be a right mess
No one else can ever know
No one else will ever know
Goodbye bad days
Goodbye heartaches
You better find a brand new noms de guerre
And while you're there we'll keep the gate locked
And if it gets dark we'll burn books to keep us warm
One day we'll find our way back home

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