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And your idea that you're a machine is just a machine, too.
So if you're a smart kid, you commit suicide.
Camus said there is only one serious philosophical question, which is whether or not to commit suicide.

I think there are four or five serious philosophical questions.
The first one is 'Who started it?'
The second is 'Are we going to make it?'
The third is 'Where are we going to put it?'
The fourth is 'Who's going to clean up?'

And the fifth, 'Is it serious?'

But still, should you or not commit suicide?
This is a good question.
Why go on?
And you only go on if the game is worth the gamble.
Now the universe has been going on for an incredible long time.
And so really, a satisfactory theory of the universe.

Why bother? Just commit suicide.
But if you want to go on playing the game, you've got to have an optimal theory for playing the game.
Otherwise there's no point in it.
But the people who coined the fully automatic theory of the universe were playing a very funny game,
for what they wanted to say was this:
all you people who believe in religion-old ladies and wishful thinkers-
you've got a big daddy up there, and you want comfort, but life is rough.
Life is tough, as success goes to the most hard- headed people…(fades away)

So if you think that's the way things are,
you might as well commit suicide right now

"Don't do it!"
"sorry bro"

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