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All Scum Will Rot - text

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Lies are spreading as fast as pestilence
Lies are everywhere nothing makes real sense
Ignorance strikes us down - there ain’t no doubt
In those fucked up times you can’t recognize when some stupid asshole bombs you out
They’re feeding us with useless shit
They’re burying us in our own pit
They’re lying to us a lot
They’re scum that will rot
Not the first - not the last, that critic is religion
The true hell will come by someone else’s decision
Money prevails - the best friend of mine
Stealing food from the mouth is not a crime
You bastards are feeding us with lies
With no shame and guilt right to the eyes
For themselves, they don’t care about our fears
Nothing has changed from the previous years
All scum will rot
That scum will rot
You’re scum that will rot
All scum will rot
All scum will rot
All scum will rot
All scum will rot
Not until you’re doing "Good"
But soon you will become our food
We’ll eat you alive as revenge
For what you did, what you spent
You’re scum that will rot

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