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They wear black and blue
And carry some weapons too
They think they're smart and cool
With all those guns and chains
They're ignorant and play the fool
Even pigs have more brains
They're as clumsey as a cow
Do we want them ? I say no!
Woah, screw the cops
We carry out the work of God
Just like a priest is what they say
He who believes is a silly sod
And should be shot or put away
They use the law for their own sake
They ain't human, they're a fake
Drive too fast and there they are
When people get killed, they stay in their car
Woah, screw the cops
They're a bunch of bastards
Those guardians of the street
They're full grown disasters
Walking pillars of dumb meat
Tehyalways think they are winners
To me they're some silly sinners
No matter how much you put away
There are a lot more made to stay
Woah, screw the cops

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