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I eat brains, I suck blood
I've got no shame and I hate God
Let me loose, I need juice
Let me go, don't ya know
What I create takes revenge
It uses hate, that should make sense
Destroys your mind with such a power
It strikes you down, like Acid sour
I'm the devil's daughter, Lucifera's who I am
I'm the devil's daughter, Lucifera's who I am
You can't recall my father's name
Stealing souls is his game
With a little help from his mind
This memory should get behind
Now I'm free, you will see
What I'll do with all of you
I may curse, I shall kill
Or even worse, yes I will
I am wild, I am hot
Give me sperm from your rod
Let me think what I need
Could it be Satan's seed
Wear your cross upside down
Come join me, let's get down
Take my body, suck my juice
You'll be dead, when you refuse

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