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Shake !
Won't you get & take my hand !
You walk the streets of this hot depraved city
You want a superman
My mind is like the way you like
& when we look alike I swear I feel alive
I do promise to give you the best I can, to be happy until I die, to leave nothing to chance
I know you... inside out inside out
You know me as I know you

Take my hand for the game, to the end
Take my hand to the end, for the game

You take my hand I'm high
You kiss my lips I fly
Into this sparkling sky
Take take my hand for the game to the end
& I'll be gone for a while
Your smile shines in the wild
Into this sparkling sky


Nasty! Nasty! All your dreams, they lie in me
Tasty! Tasty! & now the sky is pretty windy
Blasty! Blasty! All your dreams they die
If you have no pride, you can always count on me
But every song you sing to me was always deep inside
I keep the best of what you are/forever in my mind
Dreams, they die & you have no pride
Your heart is mine & I am so glad because you


Just another whistling
I won't speak no more


You get out, you'll miss me when you get out

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