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Out of The Business - text

Hey Buddy, how 'bout a smoke?
I'm down on my luck
At the end of my rope
I feel pretty rough
I just got the sack
Take a number please
I'm never looking back
I'm out on the street
I started down in the dump, though I paid my dues
But I was first when they had the bad news
I always dreamed of walking out
Punch that guy right in the mouth
But I never had the guts
Now I know I got the stuff
There's no mistaking it now...
I'm out of the business
Out of the business
Into rock and roll
Out of the business
All right, 'bout time
Stuffed shirts where the sun don't shine
Late nights, long days
I don't need the white collar race
Who wants a gray flannel suit?
I'll throw in a tie, or some Italian boots
It's all right in style
I've had it up to here, with three button whores
I don't regret that I'm walking out the door

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