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Freedom From Doubt - text

Sometimes we make mistakes
It's human that's for sure
No need to get bent out of shape, no
When you do don't hesitate
Bounce right back and stand up straight
Don't make big plans for your escape
To get hurt again would make no sense
So stand your ground, believe in yourself
Find freedom from doubt again
Here we are now once again
Running low on self-esteem
I don't want to hear that same excuse, no
Heard your words a million times
They don't mean that much to me
It's time to change and shake that blues
You need to believe in what you do
There's no other way, it's up to you
To find freedom from doubt again
It's critical to believe in your own ability
You'll find so much strength, you wouldn't believe
But it is surely up to you
No one else can help you through
But in the end you will find so much relieve
So much relieve
To get hurt again would make no sense
So stand your ground, don't be dense
Find freedom from doubt again

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