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Her Scythe - text

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Comes from the Other World
Mourning voice by transmigration
Dark words, astral planes
Psychic space and black
Crucifixes, burning candles
From our minds one mind
Doom received by the spirits of dead
In cataleptic state
Grim Occult Arts in the graveyard
Consecrate your blood to Her scythe
Soon the tomb will resound of sighs
Desperate breaths from Beyond
The mist wraps this silent place
We're alone in the Dark
Black drapes adorn the vault
Once used for the funeral rite
The corpse is wet with hot goat's blood
And now it receives new life
Return to life! Return to life!
Black shades all around
In this field of Dark
In the vault the votive lamps
Twilight the shrines
The necromancer opened the gates
Evoked the soul in larval state
The crypt's adorned now
With ceremonial wreaths
The violet stole is for the Quest

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