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How can I reach it? Cognition
When I will obtain it? Now tell me ho can I
Realize me on this plane! How can I fulthill
myself? I'm still waiting a long time. I wanna
know, I wanna live to see how can I reach it
How can I realize me?
I like every night I go to bed and dream a dream
The greatest dream there is,
I'm lying here but I'm dying into the
scene. I feel the might inside of me , It feels so
real and now I understand
Now I'm in the Focus of my dream
I'm in the focus of the scene, now I'm the master
Of my dream
A Godlike Act- I create creations
I experience it, then I distintegrate it
I'm the viewer, the one who creates creation
to experience it and then distintegrate it
I throw it away - My ignorance, my stubborness
My Limitation, my conceit. I throw it into the fire
And I burn it up, so I can feel the heat
I do wonders, I can fly, I reach the deepest point
Then I touch the sky. I do wonders
Now I can see, cause I reach it, cause I realize me

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