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What you see is nothing but yourself
Through the film of destiny
A light depicts pictures on the screen
It's self-selected, self-imposed
All happens in consciousness
When you look at anything
It's the ultimate you see
- the ultimate -
You think you see a stone, a cloud or a tree
Hungry, thirsty, longing
Searching and seizing
Holding, losing and suffering
All your going and coming
Seeking pleasure, loving and hating â€"
All this shows: you don`t know the source
You were not born, they told you a lie
It`s just an idea that was born and shall die
The cognition hurts me, they told me a lie
It's just an idea that was born and shall die
On realization, you feel complete
Free from the pleasure-pain complex
Pain and pleasure go together
Freedom from one is freedom from both

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