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It's up to you - text


we put aside the code of morals.
we'll never learn from mistakes, we made.
always we discover new genies in a bottle.
from consequences we dissociate.
our greatest dream is to create.
our greatest desire is to duplicate the world we live in,
the consciousness we have.
very well my bites - so come alive!

it's up to you to find away to come alive,
it's up to you, we're here to help you realize.
we build a world for you to fullfil ourselves.
and we will see a small piece of eternity.

we set foot on forbidden areas.
we start off on a journey.
even though we don't know the destination.
we don't care,
we wanna repeat the creation.
still you are soulless, still you are not
the beings you wanna be. let's gonna play god

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