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There's a time you shouldn't try to retain the toys of children
Put them all away, cause you have need of them no more
You made up this dream in which your toys are real
You don't recognize their wishes are your own
Yet everything the toys appear to do is in your mind, everything they do
It's time for the next level
Childhood should be passed forever
Did the doors open. Did you go through them or did you close them
Cause you were afraid of who you might be or afraid of what you would lose?
Just cut the ties or live the lies. It's safe to say:
The doors are open, now go through them
Don't close them, don't be afraid
Stop defining yourself as a fool
Leave it behind and make room for the next dream
Are you a child? Do you pretend to rule the world?
Do you give your toys the power to move about and talk and think?

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