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A Stride Through Time - text

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A little flicker of my eyelids,
Closed so long; Has not yet been sufficient
To give me confidence in myself
Where is the power, where is the force,
That wakes me up? I realize I have to walk
this way alone no one will stand by me
Now or never, you have to go
Tomorrow's out of reach
A Stride through time into Eternity
It gives you the real world
so give up all and you gain all
Prepare you now for the undoing
Of what never was
It's like a sunbeam that fears and hates the sun
It's like a wave that fears the ocean
It's like a Grain of sand that fears the desert
But they are unaware, but they don't care
A little flicker of your eyelids
closed so long, has not yet been sufficient
To give you confidence in yourself
Here is the power, here is the force
That wakes you up I tell you: You don't have
to walk this way alone I stand by you

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