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These massive stones so nameless
Bereaving and relentless
Their silence is shrouded in darkness
A beacon to extinct stars
From Isis to Cernunnos
Unattainable recesses
Speak to me
You gave me a goat I could fuck
But where are you now?
I don’t know
Untouched and so gigantic
In sleep, but yet still frantic
Impetious silent relics
What is time?
Symbolic soul frustration
Immortall stone formation
These fragments of stagnation
You gave me a soul I could kill
But where are you now?
I don’t know
Monument of existance
A tomb on walking distance
Old idols of persitance
Deaf an ddumb
Their will is cold and faceless
No world were told be grey shapes
The truth is always godless
Immutable blind
You gave me a reason to die
But where are you now?
I don’t know

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