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Every night I look into the dark sky
And search for a falling star to get my dream come true.
And every day the story is the same but the wrong seems right
And I don`t know why there`s nothing I can change.

Searching every night.
It`s not my fortune star.

I`ve read a thousand lessons and advices I have heard
And I`m losing the point trying to save what`s left from my dreams.
I`ve lost so many times and many mistakes I`ve done.
Maybe that`s my destiny`s way and there`s nothing I can change.

New day is coming fast
But I didn`t realize the past
Every step was wrong
Every move was like a storm

And fear embraces me and it`s slowing me down.
My mind rejects what my heart really needs inside.
And the puzzle cannot be solved, destiny`s torn it apart
On too many shattered pieces around me there`s nothing I can change.

Text přidal roman59

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