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Hands up (ft. RoZe) (Prod. Drumma Battalion) - text


I told myself I don't need no help
I can do this all on my own
Just give me time, cause I'm gon' shine
As soon as I'm in my zone (I'm in my zone)
[Hook Pt.2]
You thought I'd fail but I prevailed
I guess that I proved you wrong
So the next time I cross your mind, or when you hear my song
Put your hands up!

[V1: Abstract]
Watchin' MTV, dreaming 'bout a cypher up on BET
Tell my mom that's me, sit in VIP
A-Team worldwide, 'till I D-I-E
Cause T-H-E-Y never believed in I
Trying to belittle my riddles and bring me down they tried
Always knew I'd rise, if I justt stuck to my mind
They trying to see if I'm strong enough
Kept my weapons inside
Kept honesty on my tongue, kept that smoke in my lungs
This ain't 2008, my family lacking in funds
Trying to go out and get it, and put you back where it was
And I know I could do it thousands be showin' me love
Life tried to change me, arrange me, erase me from who I am
Always been a creator, if I make it this was the plan
Life fell apart so my future could fall together
Shoutout to my broken heart, who knew you would make me better


[V2: Abstract]
Swear I'm trying to get a grammy, dedicated to my granny
Just so this could make a little sense to my family
Explaining what my plan is they got trouble understanding
Explaining what I do got me explaining the internet
So you give this out for free, son you should be cashing checks
Ain't that simple this the world that digital, datpiffable
Get a fanbase behind you it could be pivotal
These days music has never been more competitive
Compare me to myself, cause I don't fuck with comparisons
You wanna be the next what?
Find that shit embarrassing, aim to be the best you
That's what all the legends did
Shoutout to Dylan, John Lennon, Kurt, Big, Pac and Hendrix
Nas, Em, Ye, Jay, all I didn't mention
There's a long road but I'm fightin' for the top
Hope to one day be included in those names I dropped

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