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Freedom (Prod. Blulake) - text


They never believed in me
But I never believed 'em
And I ain't here for the cash though
I'm just here for the freedom

Ride through in a hatchback
Juked out in that all black
Moon five two on a snapback
Cause I move that, son I own that
That's empire that's building up
Got a lot, can't get enough
Hot dogging I'm catching up
Y'all better start on resting up
We the ones who are you to us
You a liability bitches killing me
You were blind to it now you feeling me, that's braille
That's real, doing bigger numbers than your major deal
You still thinking you a major deal
Took a dream then I took it overseas any y'all even playing in the field?
From the 307 homie, y'all ain't even get it homie
They ain't done it like this where I'm from
Went home I seen rappers coming up
Look at what we did, doing what we done
I went home everybody showing love
It's a whole new world showing up
Was a whole different vibe growing up

Went home just to open up a show
Little liquor in me I was on a roll
Crew with me s'posed to get em in for free
Bouncer with the tickets didn't know me
Snapped on em old decks on 5-0 grinds
Second that I realized how much that the ego blinds
Apologize for that, my bad I musta lost my cap
Everybody got a dark side, sometimes the empire gotta strike back
But I feel like I'm the new hope
Episode 2 y'all be the clones
My future set in that carbonite like I'm Han Solo
Used to trip on my X thing
Now I mob through like a X-Wing
I'm so galactic, so Galactus
Came here to swallow up the planet
Modern Marvel, hero-villain
These days I can't tell the difference
These days I'm on something different
I'm so involved with my current mission

They say tell us what we don't know
Got flows kicking like a dojo
It was all a hunchback
Then Quasimodo
Hit me up for features but I'm done with the quote though

This my flex track, Luther if I'm Lex track
This the rise of Abstract, me getting the last laugh
Past that, past rap I don't need my past back
You tryna figure out your dreams, I'm on fast track

I remember wanting everyone to know my name (I did)
I got love for everyone who came before the fame (I do)
I promise to keep it going and I'll never change (I will)
A Team Worldwide truly here to stay [x2]

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