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22 - text


Just wanted to make them proud
But you can tell ups and downs
It's all alright

You could find underneath
In hide and seek
We're all alright

We gon' be okay
We gon' be alright
We gon' be okay
We gon' be alright
We gon' be okay
We gon' be alright
We gon' be okay
We gon' be alright
We gon' be okay
We gon' be alright
We gon' be okay
We gon' be alright

Must have been to 11 when the world ended
At least it felt like it at the time
Teenage years make a heart break worse
Plus a lot was going on
Couldn't stop it at the time
Dad tried to flip the house
Funny that it all ended upside down
No for being optimistic, started feeling different
Paid prices through the devices, both sides
Obsessed with a vision, I knew I could make mine
I knew it would take time
I knew it would
Freestyle at the party
Small town with dreams that didn't involve
Stuck to my friends,
Stop fucking with
But the maple the May weather
Didn't know what I was doing
But I knew that I couldn't stop
drunk my freshman year
Was so focused on my craft that my grades got weird

Just wanted to make them proud
But you can tell ups and downs
It's all alright
And thoughts of playin' hide and seek

Thought I figured out
I just wasn't made for degrees
Went home, then I went back early '14
All my friends had new friends
And I lived off campus
Sucks but I kept my grades up for a bit
I was kickin' with some homies every now and again
But the
I was smokin' on the green when I needed to write
Wasn't able to sleep or even write without it
And being alone, my anxiety spiked
If I was hanging with a group, I was drinkin' that night
Couldn't handle being out without a drink in my sight
Was a mess
If it wasn't for my tape, I wouldn't get up at all
Still struggling
I was like, word
They don't get it yet, but I swear that it's gonna work
Went back home for the summer
Met up with a girl that I used to love
But I was all messed up at the time because I deal with thinking about an end to us
She brought me back to life, back in senior year
Couple months of that
And then she disappeared
She explained to me, and it made sense to me
So I got distant
Can't lie,
Knew I would move to Seattle then, home never let me stay too long, I guess

Just wanted to make them proud

Music wasn't makin' money
So I headed out to AI
Arts school so I thought cool I'm gonna be fine
Family wanted a degree, cool I'm gonna get mine
Not sure if I made the move for me at the time
I just had to get out,
I was just tired of being home
Every ounce of my future was ridin' on a microphone
That's a lot of pressure even for
Fell in love with the city
Fell back in love with my art
I was truly in the present, I learned to follow my heart
Truly independent, and finally makin' my mark
18, worldwide was steady lightin' a spark
100K, a couple millions, then 10's
Views gone crazy, I was over the fence
I was over the moon then Neverland dropped
I was right there but I'm never gonna land off
AI wasn't what I thought it would be
But I met a couple of friends that I was happy to keep
Left that summer back home again
We decided that it was time we all should meet
Overseas with the team for a couple of weeks
Patrick, Craig, Lang, Gustav, and me
Set up in a cabin south of Stockholm streets
5 musicians, 4 countries, 1 album
Took 5 years to make this our outcome
Used to ask how come, now they ask how
I just remained me
And pain all I've seen
All the pleasure and pain
The sun came out of the rain
Now we're on our way
Life would never be the same

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