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I walk this earth with the reapers smile
I think I have no more tears to cry
Clenching my jaw with hate in my heart
I don't want to understand... I don't need to comprehend
If beauty is only skin deep then take away my eyes
It's too late for me... I'm too blind to see
Scars that never healed... my would still bleed
It's better to live as king of beasts than as a lamb scared and weak
I've been waiting so long
But no one heard my call
The I prayed for a once forgotten god
Until time withered my heart
You are the one pierced in my heart
You are the sun that lights my new dead winter
You're they only one I would give my life for
You are a glorious sun with warmth so healing
You are, the only one, You are my only one
You are the light that guides me
No time for my sickening soul
There's no cure for my rotting heart
Lost in this hell that I created
I don't want to understand... I don't need to comprehend
It's better to burn quickly and bright than slowly and dull without a fight
I'm a kiss from hell
A dead star that takes light from the dark

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Our Bleeding Sun


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