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Between The Bridge And The Water - text

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Don’t know what I am feeling.
Don’t know the “truth”.
Don’t know what’s worth regretting.
Don’t know what else to do.
Don’t know what I am after.
Don’t want to continue.
Don’t know why it has come to this.
Can’t remember the last time I felt.
You’re never ending.
You’re never preset.
You’re in this for you.
You don’t get through.
You’re what they speak of.
You’re just what they warned about.
You’re the catalyst.
You’re why I swiftly fall.
You’re the wind now.
The muse of my sweet demise.
My lifeless worth, filled with pain and regret.
Failed but tried so hard.
Lie timeless beneath you.
Confusing glares of resentment.
Forsake your resigned contentment.
It falls on me right?
Martyred flight.
Breeze feels so good tonight.
As I fly.
Shame’s on me.
The fall sets me free.
Follow me down.
Between the bridge and the water.

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