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Bleedthrough - text


I beat the fuck out your ass
And bring your bitch ass home
What the fuck is going on?
Keep your eyes off my dick
And get your own damn money
Sleeping with the enemy so I fuck the world
Mind over matter, money over all

Stepping on the bullshit, you can be my doormat
Would you see the fire from your sanctuary of death?
Are you so cold that there is no distress?

You will never come home babe
Sanity kills so I live the crazy life

Tweakers, lokers, slammers coming and going.
Swearing eternal allegiance and undying love
For one another only to wake up after after the binge
And realize you wouldn't cross the street to piss on them
If their head was on fire

Stay lady, stay with your man a while
What element of beauty attracts your cruel desire?

Where there's death would you give death again?
Nothing. Zero.

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