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In Avernus - text


Standing in front of Avernus
The gates of old, a plummeting death
The illusions that haunt me control me

Denigrating Apocrypha
A slithering rot seeps into my sanity
Wreaking vengeance upon a lucid ordure
Clarity, a monstrosity, take me from this mental travesty
Leaning over the precipice of my deluded self

As I fear…
In the silence of a growling burden
The wretched, the damned, the all knowing
The fictions that guide me through hell everlasting

Guide me through Avernus
Ride me of the burden of metastasized conscience
Guide me through Avernus

Denying Apocrypha
A mesmerizing plot exceeds my reality
Wreaking horror upon this human manure
Clarity, a monstrosity, relieve me from the euphoria
Offal of the damned, the precipice of hell

Voices, choices, tearing through my head
Contesting, detesting, osmosis of the damned
The falling of the hammer
The metamorphosis of my gray matter
A lucid interlude to the decaying of man

In Avernus, mental terminus
In Avernus
In Avernus, Wretched, horrendous

Voices, uncontrollable noises
Voices, undeniable voices
Destructive euphoria

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