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Upon Black Horizons - text


Open your eyes and gaze to the other side,
the mystery, listen to the wails of
Insanity, the sea of madness drowning,
there's nowhere to run from your
Hypocrisy, the spirits are holding onto you.
cries echo through the night,
Surrounded by the menacing hate,
a whirlpool of black death pulls you under,
Crawling, dying is your fate. the finger
that points at you silences your hope,
And forever you are the lost, a trail of everlasting fire.
falling deeper into the
Abyss, being pulled along a trail of thorns,
you shall be tossed into the pit. your
Vision of mortality is immortal damnation,
taste the pain, reap the wind, father
Lift me into the light, help me, please forgive me.
father, carry me away from
This hell, this place which I do not want to dwell,
send me a sign so I can
Awaken from my demise,
but god does not hear your desperate cries, fallen
Upon black horizons, welcome to your lust sins, welcome to your

Shameful end

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