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Through the Primordial Void - text


All across the plains, the dark deep mind,
souls as thin as air,

Flying fast in between the lines,
when fantasy and reality combine, to control
Fear, engaging the horror, push forth the outer cell,
within the nightmares
And daydreams, turn again the page of life,
out in the cold, feeling the inner
Heat, the flame of the reborn screaming,
primitive past lives again, the inner
Demons arise to bond with your inner self,
to awaken within, in the night you
Can hear the cries of the dying,
it's in my eyes, can you see? its compelled
Instinct, flowing full of rage,
embraced by the lust, visions crystal clear, two
Lives, the end is near,
the merge of paradise in altered lives, destined to dissolve
And disappear, two separate lives,
they will go through the primordial void

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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