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When the sky turns black and the sun hides it's face
Among the green mist of the woods
The creatures come out, to play, one by one, they gather, together
Commence to celebrate, rejoice, for what is theirs

Souls cry, in the flames of evermore,
only they know the secrets of pain, in the sacred fire
Carry on, the talisman of power,
the sorcerer's supreme gift, to the enchanted force

We are the malevolent children of the night,
for we possess the power of the nexus
A new child will be born and branded with the mark of the necromancer

Set upon a path of knowledge, of the six arts
In the church of the nexus, priests will collaborate
Whispers, from the blackened void, close your eyes
See the future, with psychotic sight

In a fantasy world, where dreams do come true
Speaker of the unspoken truth, answers, through insight
Land of the seven rings, the rod of creation
Behold, I am the all-powerful nexus,
ye all shall listen to my words

Go to the land of the seven rings
and brandish the sacred rod of creation
Journeys, across the land, sails the seas of Cyrus
The evil mage and his evil will fall, with no mercy

Be vanquished, by the sacred rings of power, all shall know that the rod of creation was forged from the seven rings of power, and has been used to defeat the evil mage, and his minions

For nexus brought peace and happiness, to the land
And the dark was cast out, forever
And the world was free, to live in harmony

Text přidal DevilDan

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