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Terror from Within - text

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Inside my mind looking back at me. the other side the living disease, I
Taste the thoughts, i feel the bitter fear. the two of us, myself and I. the
Haunting of my world comes creeping down on me, the future is a
Wanderous view, the past has been unleashed. with every tick and
Grain of sand comes precious father time, I live for dread, i am the final
One. chewing, it's gnawing at my words hideous, describing it's
Absurd, I pull the strings that disregard belief, I hide behind the things
I have seen, who could know that the enemy is me? the sudden change
Of all my chemistry and there I wait to walk the steps again, the
Burden grows, the lights are turning dim. fiction is now fractured, the
Broken violent dreams, across the sky I see myself, my thoughts
Dancing with disease, infliction brings me coma and stops my freezing
Mind, I wish myself now unborn, I wish myself denied, stepping
Through the storm into a borrowed world, I realize I'm failing deeper
In the mold, for every witness it eats at me like death, for everything
I'm scared of lies waiting in my breath, taking chances is not how i
Have lived, my soul of life is not punctured and dismissed, i think
Aloud that fear does not exist, i fade away and night it comes again,
And what is all of this? who's talking to me? are these my only
Thoughts? is it only me? inside me there is only one soul or maybe
There are more, I picture all the faces off the thousands so to know,
Listen, learn, stop!

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