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Storm of Iniquity - text

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And wings will fall from a blackened sky
and burn with fire, and close behind
Are the riders of doom, we will fly on wings of the night,
on clouds of transcending fire and might,
from the eye of the storm comes forth the beast
Of summoning, as the angels
of light fall endlessly burning, and with their
Blood we shall paint the heavens with sin.
oh father, hear us, our prayers we
Cry out in vain, for the end is to come,
we shall march into the night and carry
Oh for eternity, may your light shine on.
useless, senseless, for your prayers are
Silent, your blood i drain from you,
I taste the innocence, the battle of
Armageddon is underway,
we will stand together as one. by the sword of
Injustice you shall die. with wings
of fire they drop like flies, I can hear cries
From above and the tears that fall are blood,
the skies of war is agony and
Nightmare for the eternal empire we rise,
holocaustic angelic warfare. the soul
Supremes of infernal death, legions of hate,
destroyers of their faith, I can see
The gates of light crumbling,
see the angels run for their life and their saviour
And your paradise will be taken away
with hate, darkness and force

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