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Seeds of Fire - text


Feel the need for blow or a chemical addiction
Whatever it will take
The candy man is always there to fulfill your needs
As long as your pocket cash is running without ending
You'll feed the fire of your burning dark ambition
The mind is ablaze
Set the soul free and fly away, going higher
Let the seeds of fire burn your mind, body and soul
Take the distorted trip
Through the warped side of your brain
Feeling a little abnormal, hallucinating beyond imagination
Lookout, what dreams you may chase can move
Faster through the needle
Lay back and let it take you to the top of the world
But in the end you come crashing to the ground
War on the streets for money and drugs
You fight the battle within your own body and soul
But the outcome is the same, you have lost your way
Can't control the imbalance of your diseased mind
The heart pumps faster, blood is racing
Uncontrollable convulsions of the body
You're slipping faster away in a comatose state
And now you are being shot up
And fed full of drugs to save your life
Instead of flying high, now you are falling and fading
Into darkness, flat lined, life is erased
You gambled with life and death like Russian roulette
Hands have folded
The seeds of fire have burned you away
Never to return from the land of death
Afterlife, eternity

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