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Resurrection Machine - text


As a child I stood alone in a jungle I called home
In the streets the gangs are all at play
With guns and knives just taking another life
When your their world falls down
As a man I worked the poverty line
Inhumanity and filth I survived
As the world is changing the streets remain the same
The riot of violence is forever
When anger and fear collide
I must make a stand and face the hate
No turning back, no surrender
Caught in the middle of an unseen force
Struggling and fighting for my life
The task, this challenging fate, my desire
Kicking, stomping and hitting, I'm numb
Shattered are the fragments of my sanity and fire
More and more in pain I grow in all of his blood
I feel the cold grip of fear
I feel the fingers around my throat
A knife in the back, I am going down
The icy cold chill runs down my spine
Lying face down in a pool of blood
Battered, stabbed and robbed I have become
I can hear the sirens scream in the night
Checking for the vital signs of life
Being rushed away and pricked by needles and pins
Getting plugged into monitors
Only hanging by a thread
Rushed in e.r. reconnecting the lines of life
But now the screen displays no signs of hope
Flat lined
My soul races up above
Looking down at my body below
Am I really dead, or is it just a dream
The medics are preparing for my return
They have revived my life, body, soul
Brought back from the dead I live again
Resurrected through machines of hope
Resurrection machine

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Abominant texty

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