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Reborn Through Bloodshed - text

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From the blackened skies to the broken lines
Eyes can only see the fire
Deep into the insurgents' abyss
Lost, are the fragments of sanity
Moving swiftly like a predator in for the kill
The taste of blood and death
Lunacy is abound to praise in blood of our enemies
We rise over the bodies of the dying
The will to kill; maniacal obliteration
We rise from death to glory
No reason for the weak to exist
To eliminate in the most brutal way
Murdering, slaughtering, eliminating; take their lives away
Burning, crushing, raping all who stand in our way
Cast aside, into the realms of oblivion
To honor as we wear the badges of gore
Proudly displaying the veil of crimson death
The ticket to mayhem and to victory

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