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Out of the Shadows - text

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From the cracks of doom we rise
Slayers of innocents
Bleak and cold is the world
Submerged into bloodshed
As demons we fly
To rape those of free will
Out of the shadows
As devils we appear
Out of the shadows
To control with pain and malice
Darkness becomes our strength
Hellish battle cries
Devastation of man's faith
Rush the false eliminate the weak
In the hearts of men lies the truth
As the black takes control
Tear out their eyes and burn their tongues
To speak and see no more
The acolytes of pain shall overcome
From the domains of fire we will rise
Blinded by fury enraged by madness
Chaos born through death
Though they stand naked and in the cold
To walk through the black flame of desire
Engulfed by impurities clothed in filth
The gift of poison in their hearts
We rise from the shadows to reap the land and rule by command
Dark lords out of the eternal sea
To kill and rule with hate

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