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Of Night and Flame - text

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From the dark we come
A shadow of emptiness
Blessed nocturnal sons
The enemy of the light
Casting the spells, incantations of hell
As beasts we live possessed by demons
In an evil trance
Up from the grave the dead are enslaved
The prophecy unfolds, onward to damnation
Servants of death arise from the pits of hell
Of night and flame
To vanquish all life, ones of the light
Forever dwell in pain
I can still see the flames of the burning souls
We are cast out and forsaken
The sins burn deep of all that is flesh
And now we stand before thee
We praise in his name with poison tongues
Summoning the power to channel his hate
Anguished depression are the keys to elimination
Lost soul, blind faith
Gather round the creatures of the underground
One and all we stand strong
Arise, ascending from the fire
Dark angels, black are their wings
To fly across the moonlit sky
To feast upon the flesh of man
Among the realms of chaos
Stands a throne of thorns
And he who sits up on high is crowned with fire
Through the night we run
Like wolves in the wild
The time has now come to fall and die
Trapped in a cell, imprisoned in hell
No one hears the screams
Servant of the underworld
Loyal to the lord of fire
Of night and flame
The storms will come with chaos and madness
And burning souls within
Stripping the flesh from their bones
And cast to the winds
The vision is complete of agony and defeat
By hell's command, fallen or enslaved
In triumph, in triumph we stand
Triumphantly we rule again
Glorious, victorious death

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