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Mortals Damnation - text


The conflict we live, lessons never learned
Running full throttle, ignoring the law
Dealers of filth, sellers of sin
Eyes wide open, but never looking within
Creatures habit face their fate and take the blow
A never ending story, never fully told
A challenge of hate that devours the mind and their souls
The eternal struggle, conflict unfolds
And the fools will never learn the opposition
Oppression, idolism
Inner destruction of war and pain in lives
Mortals damnation
Greed for money, feeling the power
The lust for spoils, and needing more
Survival of the strongest to abolish the weakness
The gift of power, but not responsible
Never understanding knowledge of reason and wisdom
Lives are like sands of time in the hour glass
Faded away
Mortals have no idea of what they are
So precious and fragile life has become
But no one gives a fuck anyway
All we are is hate, murder, devastators
Mortals damnation

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