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Legacy In Pain - text


In the beginning you were born screaming
Until the end you'll die crying
From a child to a man you stand alone
Trembling on a ledge, but now you are falling
Walls come tumbling down falling back on you
Burning full of hate as the void engulfs you
Fallen to a lesser god, your will is now fading
In history, your tree has produced many thorns
A generation scarred by blood for centuries to come
There's no way in life you can sever the ties that bind
Choking by your own rope until the very end
Tears for the weak, hands grip for mercy and release
The time is now for you to make a choice
Can you break the chains that bind your heart
That will lead you into everlasting madness?

And you will die in pain
A legacy in pain
Bounded in chains of shame
Prisoner to this mortal hell
A testimony of your generation
A history with no salvation

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