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I Can Still See the Flames - text

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Onward across the barren wastelands
I march on through the lines of fire, on
Deadly grounds of hellish fate with shield in hand,
I swing my sword, as my
Blood boils, my anger takes control
of this reality to kill on the fields of war
And now their blood has stained my garments,
I can taste the dead and when I
See the last to fall, only then will
I scream victory, but they are strong, they
Attack with conviction, eye to eye,
a demon's face, I see the hideous, alone I
Stand strong, never to give in or fall and on the hill
I face an army of shadows,
Something goes wrong, I lose my vision,
I'm left helpless but I clearly see the
Truth of my destiny, even though
I was blinded, I can still see the flames

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