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Hordes of Desolation - text

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Lost in the world that has become our tomb
All that matters is flesh
The rage induced by chemical warfare
We shall bleed with disgust and madness
Like many demons we churn
Their front lines
Agony and sorrow fills their faces of pain
Drowning in the screams of hellish crossfire
Only death is certain life is not
As above and so below bleeds pandemonium
The stench of burning flesh
Warmongering soldiers of the apocalypse
Hail hordes of desolation
Purge the land of the feeble and weak
Hail and kill by command
Sever the ties that combines conformist
Plunges straight through the heart of man
Stripping of all beliefs baked and cold they are
The end of religion and all gods
Witness the last of a dying creed
Deliver us to a golden age
We shall unite under one banner
Dawn of a brave new world
Armoured bestial beast of hell
Warfare, deceit and hate
Behold the children of the flame
Incinerating the way to paradise
Thermonuclear devastation

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