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Hand of Destiny - text

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You are on the edge
Trembling like a weed in the wind
Drifting away
The path which you tread leads you to places
Of no return, an unchangeable fate
Life is like a thread
But can you read between the lines
Can you choose in the divided sides
Of life and death or reality
Thoughts not clear but one thing is definite
To end this sorrow
Pulling back the hammer, so this is it
The war within is yearning
So pull the trigger and let the pain go
To numb the frayed ends of your sanity
Make peace and become the lost
To leave this world, leave this world behind
You're holding destiny in the palm of your hand
Have what it takes to follow through
So let it be, farewell to this former life
A sound of thunder and then all was silent
The madness, madness was his bitter end
And lost was his tormented soul
Abused by personal conflict of matters so wrong
Now close the lid of past life
Lowered down to the world below

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