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For Those Who Have Fallen - text


For the ones who are strong
So brave and mighty, so virtuous
And to the natural born leaders that fight
The battle for freedom to liberate
Some will rise and some will fall
Becoming heroes
And for our brothers and sisters who kill or be killed
For one another
And for our sons and daughters that go to war
And never return, never forget
The remaining survivors will remember
The unforgettable sacrifice
On the battlefield the wheels of war are turning
Battalions of steel
From the ground to the blood red skies and seas
Death will have its way
Bomb-fires burn out in the night
Tracers light up the midnight skies
So many lives will get wasted
Too many lives will die, die
Cut down by the crossfire by enemies, bodies fall
One by one they come charging
Straight to oblivion
And our comrades are screaming
The lay crying in their blood
As darkness closes their eyes for the last time
Never again to see the sun, never
Raise your sword and never forget the ones
Who gave their lives for freedom

For those who have fallen
Raise old glory into the air standing strong
And proud for our country
For those who have fallen

As we turn another page in history
We write our heroes names in stone
Their legacy lives on
Standing strong for the red, white and blue
Saluting the stars and stripes
Paying homage to the memorials
Respecting the veterans of life
And a new war will come
We will fight once more
Over land and sea we will march again to victory
We will pay the price to defend our rites
To go down fighting is our destiny

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