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From the depths the beast will rise
Across the land
He will spread his lies
Lord of all that is great
He who gives and takes
The suffering of all mankind
And the promises that you make
All I see is chaos and tears
I will release myself
This pain you have given
Burning as you fell from heaven
Unseen beast, prophet in disguise
He shall feed the world his lies
Man shall search and lose all hope
They will kneel down
And kiss the goat
Chaos and fear is all that I see
Path of temptation led unto me
All that is left is a sea of fire
The sinful lust will quench my desire
Defiled at the gates of heaven
Defiled the rites of possession
Defiled are my blackened obsessions
Enter the realm of pandemonium
Deceiving feeble fools
Damned forever a cursed sky
Wandering, searching for salvation
In this domain you are the enslaved
To serve a fallen god, lost forever
Blood will now flow
Unclean, forsaken souls
Sentence was spoken and judgement delivered
Death, there will be death and darkness
Lost, souls are lost, eternal
Eyes, eyes of fire, bleeding
Cries, the endless cries, screaming

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