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You have seen the torture
To walk among the corpses
You have seen the executions
To inhale the smell of death
Death and torture rule the hands
You have grazed with the beast
By the sightless you have returned
Face your victims
Power the machines with blood
Soiled flesh and burned decay
Despite all the screams, it's just music in the air
Summon the forces, make the world bleed
Drown the bodies with blood, grind their bones to dust
The lust of death
Make their screaming go on
Conquering path of mass destruction
The smell of decaying flesh
Withered ruins of mans demise
The kingdom below is yours
Welcome to oblivion
And the land shall be devoured
Laid to waste are the victims
Behold carrion wings above
Path of annihilation
Walk the path of devastation
Last rites, lost salvation
Enter the realms of elimination
Put to death God's creation
Souls are crying, souls are dying
They will fall to my ways to taste my sin
And the flesh will blister and burn away
And all are dead
So many lives, so many eyes
Have seen the dread
The horrors, unspeakable horrors
Are stored within

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