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There is a time when men are strong
And to the strong one by one will fall down
From the start their fate was chosen
Ruled in power for a short time
And see the end of their empires
Come crumbling down
To each land had its king
From pharaohs to czars
No one will remain
To lead in power is to lead in battle
War decides the fate for nations
The defeated see the last of their empires
Crumbling away
And great structures
Come crashing to the ground
Last rites before you, it's the bitter end
Like great giants they hold their hands
Above the clouds not seeing the enemy
Slithering on the ground
But who is the true enemy
Look in the mirror, he is within us all
Not realizing the destructive power
Held in the tight grip of our own deceitful hands
A time line between presidents and dictators
Inner chaos has come full circle
And to the last their crumbling empires
Heads fall to hands in shame

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