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Dark tormented souls
For what upbringing they came unfolds
Distant memories so dark and cold
Insanity reigns supreme
For what crimes that hold
Bringing them together at this sanctuary
Brought forth in this place, darkened and forsaken
Locked and enclosed, all what is in good have been taken
Bounded and wrapped in a white padded room
Serenity has failed
Still bringing them together at this sanctuary
No meaning of life, identities festering, their acts will thrive
Freaks of the abyss
Beyond these walls locked away
Are plagued minds of sickness
Hidden and protected from prying eyes
Are the bi-levels of twisted and diseased minds
A haven for the wretched inhuman kind
Where madness and disgusting creatures hide
Warped reflections of past life holds no future
Lunatics of a lesser god come to the place
Where insanity breeds a new religion
And witness the birth of exquisite madness
Come taste their fears and their sadness
Look into the eyes of the insane
Stare into the depths, such unrelenting grimness
Ranting and raving of the lunatics
Murderous, violent intent
Screams of anguish and pain are stored within
Where chaos rules, a sanctuary of sin.

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