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Cold winds from the north
seem strange in this time of year.
Electrical storm out of the skies,
an enchanting force is about to appear.
All is wrong. This is unexplainable.
They're drawing me. My destiny is unknown.
They speak to me. Voices of many waters.
Drowning me under a pool of bitter sorrow.
Portals. The many doorways of time.
Urging me closer to walk through.
Entranced by visions of light.
Try to come back through.
The electro-rays of time.
An answered is revealed to my mind.
In this place. I'm destined to die.
On my knees begging and pleading.
Please let me go.
Somewhere that I can be free.
They speak to me in a convincing way.
Liars to a fool. I must obey them.
Calls from beyond.
Chantings of deceitful ones.
Witness to see who will be next.
Calls from beyond.
Growing closer to your death.
Only the fool will take his last breath.

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